Tailor-made service has been one of our strong points and has made us different from our competitors. Diversification is one of the trends in the building material business nowadays. Although we have hundreds of models for our client’s choices, sometimes they still have their own unique ideas. Our tailor-made service is going to transfer our client’s ideas into actual high quality product and deliver it to our client’s hands.

We have special team for the tailor-made service, and from ideas to 2D and 3D drawing and to final product sample can be completed in as few as 25 days. Below are some examples for your better understanding.

Step 1: Our Russian customer, who is big retailer of bathroom wares, wanted to develop a freestanding bathtub for one of its best selling toilet collection. Customer wanted the design of the tub must match their toilet.

Russian Style toilet chosen by client

Step 2: Our design team came up with ideas and make drawings and 3D files for customers opinions. Now our team can even make 3D images (close to real product photo) for better review.

2D drawing

Step 3: Customers can bring up new suggestions on modifying the design or confirm with our design. In this case, client liked our design and confirmed to proceed.

Step 4: Our team worked on the mould after client confirmed our drawing. The mould-making process took about 20 days.

Step 5: We finished the mould, made the first sample and send photos to our client. Client decided to airfreight the sample to expedite the process and launch the product sooner into the market.

The whole process took about 30-35 days before our client received the first sample. Day 1 – Client’s ideas; Day 2/3 – our design team finishes the 2D and 3D files; Day 4/5 – Client’s feedback, either more suggestions or confirmation. Day 6/30 – mold making and sample production. Day 31/35 – Packaging for sample delivery.

Therefore, you need just give us an idea of your unique design and you can sit back in your office leisurely, waiting for our final product to arrive at your place.