Premium Full Body Bath Pillow For Tub Extra Soft Neck & Back Support to Relax & Unwind, QuickDry Fabric, Cooling Effect, Durable & Cushioned | Free Machine Washable Bag

Full body bathtub pillow, must-have for a more comfortable bath…

TWICE BETTER GRIP  To provide you with maximum comfort and protection against slipping and sliding, we added 22 EXTRA STRONG SUCTION CUPS. Make sure the suction area is free of soap film, press them on the wet tub, and enjoy your hot relaxing bath.

EXTREMELY HYGIENIC QUICK DRY DESIGN New Breathable Mesh Material made with 4D technology allows water and air to flow through for quick and easy drying. Use a handy hook to dry and store your bathtub pillow without bad odor.

EASY CARE MACHINE WASHABLE  Durable bathtub cushion will serve you for a long time, remaining extra soft and gentle. It is easily washable in an included washing bag and dries fast on handy hook.

EXTRA SOFT FULL BODY SUPPORT  Our patent pending bath cushion provides correct orthopedic support for your back, so you can enjoy the bath for as long as possible. Thick and cushiony head padding will allow you to relax and unwind.

SUPERIOR COMFORT AND RELAX  Enhance your bath into an indulging spa experience! Have a rest with our full body bath pillow to ease tense and tired muscles. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied, kindly write to us and we will refund you without any problems.

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