About Acrylic Bathtub

Acrylic bathtub is produced by a useful and clear plastic that resembles glass, but has properties that make it superior to glass in many ways. Acrylic was found by human being since a hundred years ago; and it was first used in the production of acrylic tub over 30 years ago. In the same time, other acrylic sanitary wares were brought to consumers such as acrylic shower trays, acrylic whirlpool bathtubs, acrylic sinks etc. Compared with glass, acrylic bath tub is many times stronger than glass, making it much more impact resistant and therefore safer. In addition, acrylic bathtub is only half as heavy as glass, it makes working with acrylic bathtubs much easier. Compared with ceramics, acrylic tub is soft and can be shaped with any design, acrylic bathtubs are much warmer than ceramic tubs and you will have no “cold feeling” while touch the skin. Acrylic tubs have unapparelled shining surface, as well as the advantages of good toughness and easily repairing. Wipe the acrylic bath tubs by soft cloth with a few of toothpaste can make the product clean and shine. Acrylic bathtubs also colorful to meet the different tastes of the individual pursuit.

Acrylic bath tubs, acrylic shower trays, acrylic whirlpools and acrylic sinks could have exquisite styles and very durability, they are also environmental friendly products, since their radiation levels are almost the same as the body’s bone.

Acrylic is the best material to produce bath tubs after ceramics. Since the first acrylic bathtub was appeared in America, now, it had already occupied 70% tubs in the world market. Acrylic tubs are luxury shapes, easily clean, good toughness, light weight and warmly feeling, it has more than 15, 000, 000 pcs acrylic tubs produced from China each year, and the consumption of cast acrylic sheet (the popular material to produce acrylic bath tub) is more than 5000 tons per year.

Benefits of Acrylic Tubs

  • Non-porous surface ensure the acrylic tubs cannot be penetrated by dirt particles
  • Surface is completely colorfast and wont fade or yellow
  • Warm and smooth surface of acrylic tub offers no cold feeling while bathing
  • Seamless structure makes the acrylic bathtub resist to mildew, fungus and grime
  • Durability makes the acrylic bathtubs could last for years to come
  • No unsightly grout lines or seams that may leak
  • Easy to clean, just ordinary soap and water will make the acrylic bath tub sparklingly clean
  • Versatile shapes that acrylic bath tubs retain their appearance throughout their life span
  • Lightweight make the acrylic tubs easy to install and move around
  • Shiny & glossy finish of acrylic bath tubs make the whole bathroom spacious and comfortable
  • Acrylic bathtubs are strong enough to resistant of scratch, chip, dent, crack or peel