Bathtubs in this premium collection are all made by Premium sanitary grade cross-linking acrylic sheets. Such sheet is the best for sanitary products. Its non-porous structure gives the tubs a beautifully glossy finish, none of the other sheets can compete; its unique cross-linking structure gives it higher strength, more durable and easier to clean. These tubs provide the best value for the money our clients spend.


The bathtubs in this collection as the name suggests, they are ecomomical. However, being eco does not mean they are low quality. Our philosophy is to suppy a collection of bathtubs with relatively lower cost while still keep good quality. The quality might not be so excellent as our premium collection, but it worths the money you pay.


We understand many people still prefers cast iron or steel bathtubs as they last longer. This collection of aprons made by acrylic is to offer a lower cost solution to install these cast iron or steel baths. With our made-to-measure aprons, installation of cast iron or steel baths is easy and in an elegant way.


Solid surface or artificial stone bathtubs are getting more and more popular for its unique designs, eco-friendliness, non-porous, stain resistance, mildew resistance, no surface coating, silk-smooth surface. The tubs are made of recycled natural stone material, liquified Lucite PMMA resin. No yellowing, no cracking. Perfect in any bathroom designs.


he products are made of concrete with our special formula, products will include, bathtubs, basins, countertops, panels, etc… providing a unique style to your bathroom.


Bathtub shelves, bathtub trays, bathtub caddy made of wood or bamboo or steel. You will enjoy more a bathtub can bring to you, with these small yet practical bathtub accessories.


Bathtubs with headrest or pillow is totally different. Our headrest / pillows give you a more comfortable or complete or relaxing bathing experience.